Services Offered

Platform Development

Connecting your voice bot to traditional fixed line or IP based network services, with an eye on providing carrier grade voice bots. Support millions of interactions between customers, suppliers and employees daily. We transform your commodity servers into advanced 'voice bots', with intelligent load balancing, call recording, session border controllers, integration with billing systems, etc., affording enterprise level functionality.

As an active contributor to the open source community, we have engaged a numerous such products, promising quality, reliability, flexibility and reducing upfront investment in technology for our clients.

Systems Integration

For over 20 years we have built complex integrations of our voice bot platform with a rangae of third party solutions. From integration with computer telephony interfaces, range of CRM solutions, SMS/MMS gateways, Pharmacy System Connectors, Reporting and Analytics, Speech Reco Systems, TAPI interfaces, etc, Phonologies' boasts of a powerful portfolio to provide the most comprehensive range of integration services to its customers.

Phonologies is your ideal partner for delivering efficient voice bots without having you rip and replace your existing infrastructure.

Application Development

Ensuring successful voice bot deployment within an application and enterprise systems framework to deliver intuitive conversations on the phone. Having built a range of applications for virtually every vertical in the speech and telephony business, we are geared up to guide you in designing slick voice bot interface and their interactions with payment processing, CRM, enterprise backend apps or any third party system you chose.

Build high volume auto attendants, intelligent virtual agents, prescription refill & payment processing bots, all integrated with reporting, BI and analytics tools, web hooks, database and CRM integration.

Deployment Management

Provisioning and maintaining dedicated infrastructure for delivering voice bots on the phone is - complicated! We solve this complex problem by deploying and maintaining infrastructure for you and providing an API that allows your business to use it in as many ways as it wants. Your business focuses on the Bot, while we manage delivery on the phone. Better control costs with flexibility to add scale to business growth as needed.

We offer 2 options under this. Managed Solution - our software powers your apps, you manage the infra, and, we manage our software. And, Managed Infra - where our software powers your apps, we manage the infra, and we manage our software.

Build solutions that work these technologies and many more


Benefits of Engagement

Supercharge your Apps

Augment your Team

Build scale

Lower TCO

End-to-end support

Simplify complex apps

Faster Goto market

Lower TCO

Flexible engagement