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Why Phonologies?

Simple to Build

Our solutions conform to industry standards making them interface easily with multiple backend systems

Operation Costs

Easy to maintain solutions, drastically reducing telecom & infra costs – leading to reduced TCO (and ROI payback in 8 to 12 months)

Focus on Scope

Our solutions are setup for high availability and reliable delivery within your business’ need to scale as needed

Secure Apps

Phonologies’ solutions are pre-designed to provide comprehensive audit trails catering to regulatory compliance mandates, data security and privacy laws


Telecom solutions for improved customer service strategies, operational efficiencies and better analytics

Auto Attendant

Next-gen AA that provides callers with basic information and routes them to appropriate destinations without intervention of a human operator. More

Intelligent Assistant

Providing an intuitive conversational interface to callers for access to enterprise applications and backend workflows More

SmartM Visual IVR

Extend your existing IVR and get users to resolve their issues on the phone by presenting them with intuitive Visual interfaces More

Outbound & Dispatch

Automatically call users and customers with personalized messages and notifications, service request updates and dispatch, or in case of emergencies More

Prescription Refill IVR

Comprehensive self-service IVR and order tracking system to automate Doctor and Patient communications with Pharmacies More

Survey and Polling

Voice interface to automate the process of surveys via telephone, executed efficiently and effectively without human intervention, saving time and money More

Monitoring & Analytics

Cloud solution to browse, analyse and graphically view traffic on all your IVR / Telecom infrastructure and proactively monitor their ability to establish and maintain calls More

Consulting Services

We help customers integrate, deploy and support our products or related technology within their infrastructure. This includes consulting, designing, integration and implementation, to proposing ideas for better operational efficiencies.
Platform Development
System Integration
Application Development
Workflow Optimization

Platform Development

Phonologies builds a range of computer telephony systems that connect to traditional fixed line and IP based services and equipment. Leverage our experience to develop carrier grade telephony systems to support your complex interactions between customers, suppliers and employees. With an eye on core performance of the platform, Phonologies is takes care of the complexities in developing platforms deployed in the cloud or on premise. catering to a wide range of applications like - Media Servers, SIP/VoIP Gateways, Load Balancing systems, Audio-Video Conference Servers, Collaboration platforms and billing systems, to name a few.

As an active contributor to the open source community, we have engaged a numerous such products, promising quality, reliability, flexibility and reducing upfront investment in technology for our clients. More


InterpreXer / <VoiceXML> IVR

Rapid creation of voice applications for businesses & call centers

Present intuitive voice interface for self service, payment / order processing, auto attendant and more

100% VoiceXML 2.1 compliant.

Built-in plugins for speech resources

Fact: Deployed in 100+ Pharmacies
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Oktopous / <ccXML> Plugin

Develop your own ACD, IPPBX, Centrex, Outbound / Dispatch or Collaboration apps

Control how calls are initiated, answered, put on hold, transferred, conferenced, and more

100% ccXML compliant. Built for high density systems

Fact: Handles 50M+ calls daily globally
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Custom SIP interface built to inter-op with legacy telephony

Highly customizable RTP stack to build support for different codecs

Platform extends SIP to support MRCP v2.0 for out of the box speech engine interactions

Fact: SIP and MRCP increase interop by 95%
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Computer Telephony Integration

All our platform's readily support CTI using web-hooks.

Our platforms also leverage custom SIP interface to enable telephony to interact with ERP/CRM applications.

Primarily used by our call centers customer to provide better agent-caller interactions.

Fact: Better CTI = Faster Resolution
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About Us

Phonologies is a leading provider of cloud telephony platforms to deliver highly effective voice interaction solutions within the contact center and enterprise domains. We create affordable and effective communication solutions ground up since 2001. Phonologies’ uses open standards, like CCXML, VoiceXML, SIP, HTTP, MRCPv2 (for speech synthesis and recognition) in its technology platforms, which we customize for call centers, customer service lines, tele-marketeers, emergency broadcasts and service organizations – whether installed on premise or delivered from the cloud.

Our customers include 1 Telco located in North America, a Fortune 500 Hundred Co and 100’s of Pharmacies. If you do not find what you are looking for or not sure how to reap the benefits of voice and telephony technology, do reach out and let us know – we’ll listen to you, guide you and then design, build and deploy the right solution to meet your needs.

Phonologies is based in India and operates globally with its customers from North America, Europe and South East Asia.

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