What we deliver

Give your chat bot a better conversational AI interface on the phone. Deliver human sounding personalized interactions.

Allow your callers to engage in real conversations, faster resolution and better call routing capability. Give your Bot the Voice it needs.

The market for self service and conversational AI bots is expected to grow to USD 26 Billion by 2023.

Phonologies’ Voice Platform has been deployed by large multi-region solution providers, Fortune 500 companies, and, telecom & mobile operators. Our platform can be deployed on the cloud, on-premise, or as managed infra. Seamlessly integrate with your backend and deliver slick Voice Bots.

Our solutions are setup for high availability and reliability. We make it easy to interface with, and work within all modern networks. This drastically reduces telecom & infra costs – leading to reduced cost of ownership and an ROI within 8 to 12 months.

Delivering Voice Bots on the phone is complicated. We solve this by deploying and maintaining infrastructure for you and provide an API that allows your business to use the infra in as many ways you need.

You focus on the Bot. We we manage delivery on the phone. Better cost control, with the flexibility to add scale as needed.

What We Do


Intelligent Assistant

AI and NLP powered intuitive conversational interface to automate customer interactions and access to enterprise apps.

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Call Routing AI

Next-gen call routing to handle customer support with basic information, and route callers using demographic data.

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Outbound & Dispatch

Automatically call customers with AI generated notifications, service request updates and dispatch information.

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Payment Processing

Intuitive self service application to securely capture payments 24x7 on the phone without the need for agent support.

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Survey and Polling

AI based automation for carrying out large volume telephone surveys without human intervention, saving time and money.

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Prescription Refill

Comprehensive PCI compliant BOT for refill order processing, tracking AND secure Doctor <> Patient communication.

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Virtual Assistants, or Voice Bots as we call them, have the potential to create better interactions for every industry. Deliver next-gen virtual assistants and transform the way your customers interact with your enterprise.



Self Managed

Our software powers your applications. You manage the infra. You manage our software.

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Managed Solution

Our software powers your applications. You manage the infra. We manage our software.

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Managed Infra

Our software powers your applications. We manage the infra. We manage our software.

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About Phonologies

Phonologies powers more than 50 Million of the world’s customer interactions every day. Our success comes from deploying standardized solutions and services to enable sophisticated AI powered 'human-like' conversations on the phone. Leading Pharmacy chains, Fortune 500 Businesses, and North America’s largest carrier rely on our platform everyday, driving great business outcomes. We combine the best of open technology standards like, VoiceXML / ccXML & SIP / MRCP, empowering businesses to deliver better customer care, improved operational efficiencies, and reduce cost of ownership. Phonologies is based in India and operates globally.

With more businesses investing in automation such as AI & chatbots, reach out, and let us know how we can help you. We will listen to you, guide you and then design, build and deploy the right solution to meet your business needs.

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Million calls daily
yrs of service contracts
Pharmacy stores served
Voice Bots deployed


For rapid deployment of voice bots and enterprise speech applications in the cloud or on premise.


We’ll design, deploy and support your telephony voice bot & infra for better operational efficiencies.


We are pioneers of speech technology in India. Join us and build intuitive world class voice bots. Everyday.


Partner with us and build intuitive voice bots that work with leading technology platforms.