What is VoiceXML?
VoiceXML (Voice eXtensible Markup Language) is a scripting language for writing Voice enabled web services and applications. VoiceXML is proposed by the VoiceXML Forum.

VoiceXML is the 'HTML' for telephony based speech applications. It hides the complexities of the telephony platform from developers and provides an easy way of developing feature rich and media rich speech applications. It uses Speech Recognition and DTMF for user input, and prerecorded Audio and Text-to-Speech for output.

1. Application Logic is separated from Voice Interface. This has two main advantages:
2. VoiceXML being an international standard, allows you to write an application once and run anywhere.

3. VoiceXML is independent of Speech and Telephony platform, giving flexibility in choice of platform.

4. VoiceXML is a simple scripting language. Application developers can develop application with ease without worrying about the complexities of the platform.

Benefits of VoiceXML

Important VoiceXML Applications
  1. Enhanced Calling Services: Email-by-phone, Contact diary, Appointment Reminders, Voice Activated Dialing and Voicemail
  2. Content Services: News, Horoscope, Stock quotes, Sports scores, Movie listings, Train and Flight timings and Weather Reporting Service.
  3. Productivity Applications: Sales Force Automation, Call Centers and Contact centers, Unified Messaging Applications
  4. ECommerce Applications: Financial and Banking transactions, Billing, Travel and Hotel Reservations etc.

The fact that VoiceXML separates business logic from Voice User Interface opens up new opportunity, a new line of business called Voice Service Provider (VSP). Customers can develop and deploy application logic on their premises and outsource the design and hosting of the voice application to the VSP. As the VoiceXML technology catches up there will be a huge demand for such services, because small-medium sized businesses cannot afford to deploy and maintain such solutions.

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Prashant Lamba is the Director of Business Development for Phonologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. and also writes for the Indian Express. Please visit Phonologies website to learn more about Phonologies Products and Services.