Oktopous™ is Phonologies’ light-weight modular call control engine designed for embedding in high-density telephony platforms and voice portals, to control how phone calls are placed, answered, transferred, conferenced, and more, by executing ccXML documents.

Oktopous™ is ideally suited for integration in large call center ACDs, IVR systems, IP-PBX/Centrex, Outbound & Dispatch and UC platforms. Oktopous™ fully implements the W3C Voice Browser ccXML 1.0 specification to deliver sophisticated, event-based, asynchronous and advanced telephony call-control capabilities.

Deployment Examples:
  • + Automated Call Distribution (ACD) for skills based routing
  • + IP-PBX, IP Centrex, Find Me / Follow Me
  • + Outbound Calling
  • + Call logging and Recording (risk deduction)
  • + Customer Call Back Applications
  • + Advanced Conferencing with distributed learning and collaboration
  • + Advanced Conferencing with distributed learning and collaboration

Ideally, Oktopous works hand-in-hand with any VoiceXML interpreter. However, it can also be used with other dialog systems such as a traditional IVR platforms, or to build build high density Video Calling Systems (for IMS).

Case Study: Avaya, the leading global telephony systems brand uses Oktopous in Avaya Aura® Experience Portal since 2007 -> saving millions of $$ annually

Oktopous™ can be deployed as part of Phonologies Voice Platform or as a standalone OEM component in your existing IP infrastructure. It has been deployed in a range of environments (in the cloud, in network servers, embedded CPE platforms).

  • Business Edition for OEM: Readily available for CentOS Linux 6 and 7, Windows Win 2012 and 2016 systems and Solaris. The Business Edition of Oktopous™ is also available for CentOS 5 (without support and upgrades). Phonologies will make available the Oktopous plug-in (and its well defined API) for you to download and integrate into your telephony platform. Once integrated, you can chose from our flexible licensing options, (per-port, one time fee, royalty free, or other subscription models), which include warranty, closed source support, periodical maintenance updates and priority response to feature requests. Oktopous plug-in for other operating systems can be made available on request.

  • Open Source Edition: Open source Oktopous™ is the world's most widely adopted ccXML Interpreter, powering millions of calls everyday. Currently we aren’t providing any updates to the open source project, however, we encourage you to download and investigate the business edition to understand its internals and how it best fits your need.

  • Academic Licensing Initiative: Oktopous is licensed to Universities, Colleges and Educational Institutions at a token fee, in an endeavour to bring “commercial grade" training and learning integrated into university and college education worldwide.

Documentation: Oktopous™ Overview Document provides you an insight into how Oktopous™ can be used in different deployment scenarios