Our comprehensive Customer Survey and Polling solution provides an intuitive "voice interface" to automate the process of mass surveys - via the telephone. Surveys can be triggered and executed efficiently and consistently without the need of human operators, significantly saving time and cost.

  • • 100% web based solution
  • • Deploy on premise or in the cloud
  • • Integration with Enterprise backend / CRM
  • • Ask multi-option or open ended questions
  • • Real-time statistics and reporting
  • • Customize reports as needed
  • • Use speech inputs for faster completion

Process Flow:

Phonologies Customer Survey system can be setup as an outbound dialing system or can be made available for callers to dial in at will, allowing callers to provide immediate feedback on your product, brand and services. Our Survey system can also be used to conduct quick single question opinion polls to a large audience.

  1. Setup surveys in minutes
  2. Deliver in language of caller choice
  3. Ensure higher response rate
  4. Visualize and measure customer satisfaction
  5. Create actionable triggers
  6. Digitally store responses for future access
  7. Export data to Excel, XML, CSV