Every caller prefers to resolve their issues through self-service. Most of them, whether enterprise users or customers, start their interactions online. But when the need to complete an interaction (or transaction) is required and with the rapid growth of smart phone adoption, more callers want to a "visual" channel in parallel to voice for quick service and a better interaction experience.

SmartM Care gives freedom to your customers and employees to connect with your service help desk or contact center from mobile desktop while on a phone call. Presenting a caller with intuitive "visual" options complements your IVR by addressing the their need to be online and on a call - thereby merging the interactions into a single experience and saving the caller from repeating their request to a human agent.

Benefits of SmartM Care Visual IVR:

Better context for personalized service

 Panoramic view Customer query

 Better transaction processing effectiveness

Presentation of instructions, directions on the screen

No IVR hold time - reduced costs

Route calls effectively

Optimized use of IVR / ACD infrastructure

Visual Menu Options on Mobile:

SmartM Care is an open, secure and scalable platform based on web and evolving mobile standards to support millions of customers. It can be deployed as a bundle or components of it can be deployed to easily fit into your multi-vendor environment with little or no changes. Give your contact center agents a panoramic view of customer or enterprise user communication history, geo-location and other contextual information before connecting them with the caller to deliver a faster, happier and ideal solution to their query.