Self-service telephone ordering system that can be deployed as a stand alone in the store or on the cloud as multi-tenanted solution catering to chain of stores. Capture orders 24*7, by presenting a touch-tone (DTMF) or speech interface to callers and offloading pharmacists from handling such routine requests like prescription refills, directions to outlet, checking on pick-up time and date or status on order and allow doctors to authorize refills, new prescriptions, or cancel a prescription.

Phonologies Rx Refill Solution automates mundane yet critical communications by the use of a modern and intuitive telephone interface, and seamlessly integrates with leading pharmacy management software (PDX, EnterpriseRx, Condor, HCC, PharmacyRx, Hy-vee to name a few), resulting in better workflows, efficiencies and order fulfillment. Our solution fully complies with requirements of HIPAA, protecting patient data, communication and call routing.

Overview of the Solution:
  • • Customizable menu and call flows
  • • Recognize caller by caller-id number look-up / Identify Doctor calls versus Patient calls
  • • Set defaults to recognize and prioritizes doctor calls, using caller ID
  • • Navigate through menus using a "speech reco" or through key-press / DTMF touch-tone
  • • Verify by using Date of birth, SSN, Phone Number or last name
  • • Call transfer to pharmacy back offices off site
  • • Use standard pharmacy system connectors
  • • Built in "alert" mechanisms for ready orders

Case Study: Pharmacy Chain reduces churn -> Adds $40M Revenue annually

Phonologies Rx Refill Solution is based on open, secure and scalable platform and is currently deployed in over 100+ pharmacy stores serving millions of calls annually. Some of the benefits your Pharmacy will immediately see are:
  • • Automate calls received for Prescriptions, location, pickup status.
  • • Playback pickup times, holidays & weekend schedules and reduce number of inquires
  • • Centralize patient and doctor communications, dramatically reducing telecom costs
  • • Allow pickup from another store location (incase of chain stores)
  • • Query and write into pharmacy databases directly
  • • Real Time management reports on call traffic