An intelligent cloud or premise based dialer that automates delivery of notifications, alerts and reminder messages reliably to customers or responsible staff or anyone who needs a status update. Voice Blaster has been designed to interface with third party CRM and enterprise systems, delivering messages to any phone, any time. Voice Blaster comes readily packaged with an Event Scheduling Engine, Web Services Framework and Database, and Phonologies InterpreXer IVR, creating a reliable Platform as a Service.

Voice Blaster leverages our hosted TTS (text to speech) to generate personalized messages which can be delivered in several use cases, such as, calling your teams all at once in case of an emergency, sending “go out and vote” messages, or service dispatch and completion messages. As an option, you can leverage our Answering Machine / Voice Mail Detection module to ensure your message is effectively delivered in your target’s voicemail box.


100% Web based platform connected to Cloud Telephony

Outbound Messages Scenarios:
  1. Reminder Services (Bill, Credit Card, Subscriptions, Library)
  2. Conditional Alerts, Notifications & Appointment Reminders
  3. Outbound Tele-Marketing Services
  4. Emergency Notifications
  5. Outbound Customer Survey & Feedback Capture
  6. Political Campaigning and fund raising
  7. Surveys, Polls
  8. Disaster Management and Recovery
  9. Voicemail delivery
  10. Account Activation & Product Registration
  11. Order Status updates
  12. Shipping Notifications>