Cloud based multi-tenant service that allows you to browse, analyze and graphically view traffic on all your IVR / Telecom switches and SIP Circuits. Pro-actively monitor your telecom infrastructures ability to establish and maintain calls - with automated alerts.

ASSIMILATE: Capture and consolidate all your call information from different telecom servers into one data store

ANALYZE: Analyze data to ensure the right person is able to assess and understand what they don’t know about your infrastructure

ACTION: Get actionable data or insight into the future!

 View operations data, reports and dashboards in real time.

100% SaaS allows setup and configuration within a few minutes

 Get notified immediately about spikes, outages or fake DiDs bombarding your servers

 Search, filter, compare, analyze and export data to intuitive reports

 Track suspicious or fake callerISs and create custom blacklisting tables

 Effective analytics help you identify and fix issues immediately

 Intuitive analytics help you establish benchmarks for the future

 Right data ensures you don't lose customers and maintain competitive advantage

How does this work? Use our custom plugin for your telecom servers, which captures data from your network, sends it over to our SaaS platform. On our portal, get access to the data analyzed of all the activity on your server and alerts triggered