Our team of communications experts can design and optimize critical work flows including benchmarking and analysis of your application's business data. Using the data we will help you build significant cost-savings opportunities using different methods - like building centralized architectures, using industry standard technology applications, SIP trunking / routing logic, work flow management, caching, tweaking application delivery points to name a few. This could benefit your total cost of ownership by 25% to 30% year on year.

We provide tools to monitor the health of your system and analyze usage and provide you alerts in real time for your business to be able to respond correctly to a wide range of production realities in real-time - ensuring your revenue is not impacted.

Architecture Optimization: by way of centralizing your telecom application architecture and distributing different processes to specialized application delivery environments.

Workflow Optimization: design and optimize critical work flows based on benchmarking and analysis of business intelligence data. Improve scheduling by providing immediate feedback on plan performance.

Industry Specific Optimization: building in best practices specific to your vertical with integration points to different technologies for customer service, notifications, order tracking, etc.

Other Areas:
  1. Programming algorithm efficiency
  2. Development Environments / Framework
  3. Efficient Voice User interfaces (better call completion rates)
  4. Use of open industry standards
  5. Versatile design for future requirements
  6. Multi-tier: Separate DataLayer, BusinessLayer, UserInterface.
  7. Open APIs for access from any device.
  8. Omni channel approach

By closely following Industry standards for development and delivery of applications, Phonologies is your ideal partner offering you full control - with comprehensive data, benchmarks for optimizing your entire production environments to reduce your costs and improve the management of your systems. If you are not sure how you might want to take advantage of our services, just reach out to us – we are here to listen to you and guide you.