Keeping up with advances in communication technology and services often requires solution vendors and customers to integrate complex processes with new business requirements into their existing systems. With the telecom system integration market expected to grow to USD 25.16 Billion by 2022, owing to the increasing pressure to enhance customer experience, cloud and network integration, and lack of in-house expertise - with over 15 years of experience in the domain, Phonologies is your strategic 'go to' partner to identify, develop and implement the most appropriate solution to solve complex business problems in a unique manner.

We promise complete, multi-system, integrated, turnkey telecoms solutions, for both on premise and cloud architectures without having you rip and replace your existing systems. This ensures your solution is reliable, flexible and deployed with a reduced upfront investment in technology. As a dedicated provider of telecom and speech solutions, our customers and partners consult us for development of integrations with legacy telephony systems, CRM solutions, SMS/MMS gateways, Pharmacy System Connectors, Reporting and Analytics, Speech Reco Systems, TAPI interfaces - to name a few.

Tailor made System Integration services for:

Our Systems Integration services have been tried and tested to support very large multi-region deployments for 1 telco/operator (located in N. America), a Fortune 500 Hundred telecom solutions provider, and 100’s of Pharmacies.

Some other highlights include:
  1. Working with your existing vendor (cutting the risk of engaging too many vendors)
  2. Focus on best practices by vertical (betters quality)
  3. Relationships with best in class partners to deliver multivendor projects
  4. Truly global reach with experts / partners
  5. Flexible and mature engagement model

We have built a process to ensure you get the right level of support needed for architecture design, engineering (or 'prototyping') your solution, integration and interface with 3rd party systems and data migration. Our customers and partners focus on the business side of things by freeing up their developers from the perils of learning, and and concentrate on building their competitive advantage. If you do not find what you are looking for or not sure how to reap the benefits of voice and telephony technology, do reach out and let us know – we’ll listen to you, guide you and then design, build and deploy the right solution to meet your needs.