No deployment is successful without the presence of an intuitive application framework to interact with enterprise systems and deliver information via easy to use voice interfaces. Having built a range of applications for virtually every vertical in the speech and telephony business, we are geared up to guide you in designing slick voice user interfaces and their interactions with payment processing, CRM / backend applications or any third party system you chose.

Our Application Development Team will help you in development of:
  1. Telecom apps for ACDs / PBXs
  2. Self service IVRs / Auto Attendant
  3. Outbound dialers - dispatch, notifications, reminders
  4. Web call-backs for verification & click-2-dial
  5. Secure Payments and Utility applications
  6. Mobile / USSD / SMS applications
  7. Healthcare / Pharmacy Apps
  8. Migration from legacy systems to the cloud
  9. Database integration for effective call flows
  10. Connectors with CRM solutions
  11. Call Reporting, BI, Analytics tools

With over a decade of experience in leading-edge web and voice applications, we have built applications for:
  • + Business Transaction Enablement
  • + Enterprise Cloud
  • + Social Media
  • + Unified Communication
  • + Contact Center and CRM
  • + Infotainment & Utility

By closely following Industry Standards, Phonologies is your ideal partner for delivering revenue creation telecom apps without having you rip and replace your existing application systems, while ensuring your applications are easy to maintain and upgrade in the long run. Our engineers are well versed with modern technologies like VoiceXML, ccXML, JavaScript, Python/Django, Java, XML, ASP/PHP, SugarCRM, Salesforce and also the Asterisk & FreeSWITCH programming APIs. We offer reasonably-priced consulting services, with a dedicated team supporting you during the entire application life cycle, reducing your time to market, and, in house staffing needs for application development.

If you do not find what you are looking for or not sure how to reap the benefits of voice and telephony technology, do reach out and let us know – we’ll listen to you, guide you and then design, build and deploy the right solution to meet your needs.