Phonologies is a leading provider of cloud based solutions to deliver highly effective voice interaction solutions within the contact centre and enterprise domains. We have been creating affordable and effective communication solutions based on our own technology since 2001. Phonologies' uses modern and open standards, like CCXML, VoiceXML, SIP, HTTP, MRCPv2 (for speech synthesis and recognition) in its technology platforms, which we customize for call centers, customer service lines, tele-marketeers, emergency broadcasts and service organizations - whether installed on premise or delivered from the cloud.

Our customers include 1 Telco located in North America, a Fortune 500 Hundred Co and 100's of Pharmacies. If you do not find what you are looking for or not sure how to reap the benefits of voice and telephony technology, do reach out and let us know - we'll listen to you, guide you and then design, build and deploy the right solution to meet your needs.

Phonologies is based in India and operates globally with its customers from North America, Europe and South East Asia.