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Packaged Voice Applications
Phonologies provides a variety of shrink wrapped and customized voice applications ranging from, Personalized calling services to mobile 'v-Commerce' (Voice driven e-commerce) Solutions that are ready to deploy in the cloud. This enables VARs & system integrators to plug in and enhanced voice interfaces to their applications in the cloud and in a convenient and secure way.

Through our turnkey projects we work closely with our customers to fulfill their specific needs for customized packaged solutions for them.

Customer Survey System
Traditional telephone survey methods employ live customer service representatives. These methods can be time-consuming and expensive to design and implement. Many Enterprises also employ ready tools to survey their customers via web/email to gain broad customer feedback. The Customer Survey System of Phonologies provides an intuitive "voice interface" to automate the process of surveys via the telephone, which can be executed efficiently and effectively without the need for additional personnel, saving time and money.

Highlights and Architecture [ ]

Prescription Ordering System
Prescription Refill Application Self-service telephone based ordering system that can be deployed as a stand alone solution, in the cloud or as a distributed solution catering to multiple branches of a chain of stores. It ensures order processing and completion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using a "speech recognition" interface.

The Prescription Refill System can be customize to create other Telephone Ordering systems.

Highlights of the System [ ]

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