July 15, 2008

Oktopous™ ccXML PIK released for free download

Mumbai, India, On July 15th 2008, Phonologies (India) announced the availability of its latest version of Oktopous™ ccXML Interpreter Engine for free download. This version, Oktopous™ v1.2, is based on the original open source Oktopous™ ccXML PIK developed and released by Phonologies on SourceForge. The original Oktopous™ has been adopted by more telephony platforms than any other open source ccXML Browser.

According to Rajkiran Talusani, VP of Technology for Phonologies, "Our latest version of Oktopous™ has significant improvements over the open source version, specifically in performance and it fully complies to the latest CCXML 1.0 draft specification published by the W3C." Oktopous™ has been designed for portability and high-density telephony platforms, enabling rich call control functions like: controlling how phone calls are placed, answered, transferred, conferenced, and more, by executing simple XML documents.

Being an active contributor to the use of open standards technology, Phonologies has been actively working with its customers and partners while they migrate their platforms and applications to adopt open standard technologies. Developers have shown tremendous confidence in the use of ccXML which allows for sophisticated, event-based and asynchronous advanced telephony call-control capabilities in unified communication systems, messaging & conferencing suites, interactive speech & telephony servers and ACDs.

This latest version, developed for Linux systems, is free to download and integrate into the target platform. It has a well defined API for integrating into to the target telephony platform, for example a SIP based messaging or conferencing suite, or a proprietary protocol based telephony board. Once integrated, solution vendors or hosting providers can build and test trial sophisticated telephony applications prior to going live commercially.

Phonologies offers 2 support package options to chose from during the integration process, details of which can be found at www.phonologies.com/okto_support.php. Once integration is complete, Phonologies offers flexible commercial licensing options, based on total expected volume of usage over a period of time. The commercial licenses cover re-distribution rights, warranties, upgrades and maintenance.

"We are targeting a range of telecom equipment vendors, many of which are already users of the open source version, with affordable commercial pay-per-use and one time licenses", said Prashant Lamba, Business Development Manager at Phonologies. "Keep in mind that ccXML technology adoption will explode once it becomes a W3C standard in the near future", he added. Phonologies will also make available Windows version of Oktopous™ by the end of August '08.

The open source version of Oktopous™ is still available for download at http://sourceforge.net/projects/oktopous/, while Oktopous™ v1.2 can be downloaded from www.phonologies.com. You can also obtain further technical, licensing and commercial information about Oktopous™ at www.phonologies.com/oktopous.php.

About Phonologies
Phonologies specializes in the development of technologies and applications for Unified Communication Platforms. With 'software-only' technologies that are easy to plug-in to business processes and that implement open standards, Phonologies technologies are flexible and easy to manage, resulting in interoperability, lower costs and protection of investments in the long run. Phonologies solutions are built for carrier class deployments as well as embedded CPE products, and use VoiceXML for IVR dialog control, and ccXML, a powerful XML based call control language currently in draft stage with W3C. Phonologies flagship product, Oktopous™ powers over 100,000 calls worldwide each day.

Contact Information:
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Mumbai 400 005. INDIA.
Ph: +91.20.64010707

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